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The 15 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets (Updated 2019)

Star Wars. Throughout the history of humankind, few stories have had as much of an impact on culture as George Lucas’ epic. For forty-two years, this clash between good and evil has captivated people the world over.

Meanwhile, LEGO is one of the premier toy companies in the world, bringing joy to children. In the 90s, though, they were starting to flounder due to lack of new ideas. Therefore, they decided to start licensing themes based on popular franchises, and Star Wars was one of the first.

Two decades since coming out, LEGO Star Wars remains one of the company’s most popular themes. It has gotten so popular; we have gotten TV shows, shorts, and video games! That is on top of the two hundred sets released. From the movies to the shows to the Expanded Universe, there are so many sets.

To try to decide which the best LEGO Star Wars sets are would take days’ worth of debate. I am going to try to do it in one article. May the Force be with me.

The 15 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets

Please note that the following is based entirely on my opinions as a Star Wars fan. I found that numbers 15-3 were very difficult to choose between in terms of ranking. Please share your top 15 sets in the comments below!

15. 75025 Jedi Defender-class Cruiser

LEGO 75025 Jedi Defender-class Cruiser - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


I do not care what Disney may say. Until I see proof that says otherwise, then I still consider The Old Republic era canon to the franchise. For those who do not know about it, this will need some explaining.

As the movies imply, the history of the Star Wars universe goes back thousands of years. One of the more interesting era’s in Star Wars is what is called The Old Republic era, about 3,500-4,000 years before A New Hope. This was when the Jedi were many and defended the Galactic Republic and people from those who sought to do evil. Where there are Jedi, there are Sith; it is like a rule.

By the time the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic starts, the Republic got the snot beaten out of it by a resurgent Sith Empire. Casualties were high, and the Republic is still recovering. That is when the players step in, filling roles on both sides as a second war is about to begin. After clearing their side’s capital world, players will get their own personal starship. With this, they can travel across the Galaxy. For the Jedi players, their vehicle was the Defender-Class Corvette.

I know it says Cruiser, but the game calls it a corvette.


Released in 2013 as part of a series of sets to promote the game, this model features 927 pieces. It stands 4″ high, 12″ long, and 10″ wide. It is a big ship, and it does a good job of recreating the ship from the game.

Distinctive features on the ship include it’s cockpit with the turrets and the massive engines. On the front, there is a hatch to store Jedi Holocrons, while the roof of the cockpit can open up. The landing gear can be retracted, there is a handle to lift it up, and port and starboard escape pods.

The Defender comes with four minifigures. Since this is a Jedi vessel, it comes with two Jedi: a knight and a consular. In the game, the knight is the warrior archetype and consular is a mystic/wizard. They are not the only ones there, though. There is a Sith warrior and a Sith trooper trying to board the ship. Aside from having two armed Jedi on board, the Defender has “flick missiles” that people can throw at the Sith. They will be fine.

Price and Age Range

This set is among the larger sets that people can get, with almost a thousand pieces making it up. As such, it is not meant for younger kids. According to LEGO, it is recommended for ages 9 to 14, so it is going to be a bit of a challenge to put and keep together. That will provide for hours of occupation, though.

As for the price itself, it was released at $89.99, which is a high price. Considering it came out in 2013, the price will be higher now online. My best guess, somewhere between $150-$200. Still, it is good value for this set, so if you are a fan of the Expanded Universe, it might be worth your time.


  • Gives the Expanded Universe some recognition. Some of the best Star Wars stories have come from the Expanded Universe.
  • Ties into an MMO game based on Star Wars.
  • Faithful re-creation of in-game ship.
  • Initial price is decent given size.
  • It’s Star Wars.


  • Not that many people will know what the Expanded Universe is. Fewer now thanks to Disney.
  • The inside is cramped. Not a lot of room to move in.

Final Verdict

This is a good set to have if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan. If you do not know what Star Wars: The Old Republic is, though, then you might be a little confused about where this ship comes from. That is understandable.

At the same time, this set’s existence is proof of how massive George Lucas’ creation has become. It had grown far past the original movies into its own universe with its own lore. I wish that the Expanded Universe had gotten more publicity before Disney reset it.

When Disney reset Star Wars, they did it to eliminate contradictory stories. Everything from here is canon. At the same time, the old EU is already seeping back into the new status quo. Thrawn is back, after all. Therefore, it will be a matter of time before SWTOR comes back as well.

Therefore, unless you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, you will not recognize this ship, which means it may not be interesting. I still consider it one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets, though, because it has no ties to the movies themselves but the lore built up. If you have played SWTOR, then I recommend getting this. If not, get it anyway. It is Star Wars.

14. 10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT

LEGO 10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


The Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport or AT-AT for short. I remember what I first thought when I saw it: “why does the Empire have giant, metal dogs”?

The AT-AT is a symbol of Imperial power throughout the galaxy. Part troop transport, part tank, they are almost invincible. Armed with weapons and armor found on starships, they are a terrifying force. Anyone who saw them lumbering across the ice plains of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back will never forget it.

There have been several models of the AT-AT released over the years, but this is the best for one reason: it can walk.


Released in 2007, the Motorized Walking AT-AT contains 1137 pieces, stands 12″ tall and more than 14″ long. Thanks to the inclusion of TECHNIC pieces, this set is able to recreate the AT-AT in all its evil glory.

The key features included in the set are a top handle for easy transportation, a cockpit that opens, and rotating laser cannons. The big draw to this set, though, is the motor. Featuring a battery powered motor connected to the legs; this AT-AT is capable of movement. Turn it on while it is on a flat surface, and you’ve got an Imperial assault ready to go.

In keeping with the spirit of Empire, it has all the minifigures it needs. Luke Skywalker has his grappling line and lightsaber ready to take the walker down like the hero he is. The AT-AT also comes with a pilot, a Snowtrooper, and Colonel Veers. He is the person that says “Target! Maximum firepower!”

Price and Age Range

This set is as big as you can get with an AT-AT, and since it is so complex, it is meant for ages 14 and up. A big toy for the big kids. There is one problem, though… availability.

When it was first released, it was $129.99. Then it was retired in 2010, but the sets sold very fast. That was almost ten years ago. It is going to be worth several hundred dollars. That price will only go up as time goes on.


  • Motorized engine allows it move back and forth.
  • Contains 4 minifigures, including Luke Skywalker.
  • Cockpit opens up.
  • Laser cannons rotate.
  • 12″ tall and 14″ long.


  • Discontinued after three years.
  • Was expensive when first released.
  • Is very expensive online these days.

Final Verdict

This is a very tempting piece of Star Wars merchandise. Unfortunately, it is also extremely expensive. Only fans who consider themselves hardcore or have the money to spend (or both) will want to get this set.

13. 7140 X-Wing Fighter

LEGO 7140 X-Wing Fighter - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


The Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, one of the most famous symbols of Star Wars and the Rebel Alliance. The best fighter in the Alliance’s arsenal, it has a hyperdrive, deflector shields, dual proton torpedo launchers, and four laser cannons. It and its descendants are responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, partially responsible for the second Death Star, and Starkiller Base. I want one so bad.

LEGO has released this fighter in several iterations over the years, but I chose this one for a reason. It is not only the first version of the X-Wing to get the LEGO treatment, it is the first LEGO Star Wars set ever released.


This was released as the first ever set in the LEGO Star Wars line in 1999. At 263 pieces, this version of the X-Wing has fewer pieces than most of its successor models. There are also some noticeable differences between this and later models.

To start with, this version of the X-Wing has a color scheme that is closer to its movie counterpart. Most successor models have a gleaming white appearance. This version has a grey color scheme, befitting the appearance of the fighter in the movies. It helps remind people that the Rebels are the underdogs.

Additionally, the nose of the ship appears to be stubbier than later versions. The engines are also smaller, and the laser cannons are shorter and simpler in design.

Aside from the mini models, and the Trench Run set, this might be the smallest X-Wing LEGO’s made. The bricks are not only for the X-Wing itself, though. Keeping with the launch from A New Hope, the set also has the ground crews transport and tools. For minifigures, it comes with Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, a Rebel mechanic, and R2-D2. Note that the human minifigures all have yellow skin, unlike later versions.

According to the comic book that came with the set, the pieces can get used to build alternate sets of the following:

  • A jet boat with a cockpit that can eject to make a jet-ski.
  • A human-scale communicator like a cellphone.
  • A mech.
  • Another spaceship.
  • A human-sale lightsaber handle.

The set was also released in 2002 under the Classic Star Wars subtheme.

Age and Price Range

When released in 1999, this set costed $30 and meant for ages 7-12. Given the age range and number of bricks involved in this set, it should be around average in difficulty. It should not take more than an hour or two for a person to put together. For a teenager or adult, it would take less than an hour of dedication.

As for the price, it was of reasonable cost in 1999, but that was twenty years ago. It will cost somewhere around $150-200 now. That is expensive, but considering how much some of the high end LEGO sets cost, this is reasonable. It may be a little hard to come by online, but it would have been produced in large quantities. Therefore, there should be enough to go around on eBay and Amazon, among other websites.


  • The first LEGO Star Wars set ever released.
  • Faithful recreation of an iconic starship.
  • Can be used to build six other models.
  • Comes with four minifigures.
  • Released at a reasonable price.


  • Was released twenty years ago.
  • Will cost more now.
  • Not as big as future X-Wing sets.

Final Verdict

The X-Wing is one of the symbols of Star Wars, and it has been the dream of many kids to own one. I know I wanted one so I could finally go see Mars. This was not only the first of several iterations by LEGO; it was the first set in the Star Wars line made by LEGO. For that reason alone, this is a must-have for any Star Wars fan out there. Even after all these years, it is still within a reasonable price range for those who are willing to spend the cash. I think that it is a good deal to take.

12. 5002123 Darth Revan

LEGO 5002123 Darth Revan - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


If you think that the stories of Anakin and Luke Skywalker are amazing, then you have not seen anything yet. In the Expanded Universe, there were stories that made the Skywalker’s pale in comparison. There is one character that Anakin wishes he could be like! First, a story about a man who was born into light, fell into darkness, before becoming neither.

Four thousand years before the movies, there was a Jedi that became known as Revan. Like Anakin Skywalker, he was powerful in the Force and had great compassion for people. However, that love for others led him to fight in a war that he ended. He became the Republic’s hero, but then he vanished beyond the known galaxy.

When he returned, he had changed. The dark side had bent him, turning him into Darth Revan. He fought the Order and Republic he had once protected. Then, one of his allies betrayed him and left him for dead. His memory, gone.

The Jedi took his shattered mind and healed Revan, retraining him as a Jedi and sending him to end what he started. Even after learning his identity, Revan stayed true to the light, and stopped the war he started.

Though a hero once more, Revan grew concerned. As his memory returned, he remembered a great evil that existed beyond known space. The evil that had driven him to war, and then broke him to the dark side. Therefore, Revan left once more, leaving his friends and family behind to face this evil.

What happens next, I leave to you to learn. You can play Revan’s story in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Then, discover his final fate in the MMO game Star Wars: the Old Republic. What I will say is this: once his memories returned, he became neither Jedi nor Sith. He did what few in Star Wars could, wielding both the light and dark aspects of the Force.

By all accounts, an amazing story, one that rivals the movies in scope and complexity. Revan has become one of the most popular Star Wars characters. Even after Disney wrote him out of the official canon with the rest of the EU, his popularity endures. As a testament, LEGO released a Revan minifigure as a promotional stunt for the fan holiday “May the 4th” in 2014.


Since this is a minifigure, there are only seven pieces: the parts to Revan himself, his cape and hood, and lightsaber. Revan’s entire appearance, while unique, calls back to past villains in Star Wars. His armor and cape invoke the intimidating visage of Darth Vader. His mask, though, resembles that of Jango and Boba Fett’s masks. The in-universe explanation is that the mask is Mandalorian, Jango and Boba’s culture. The hood is a reminder of Darth Sidious, and the dark menace that he embodied. All told, he is a terrifying opponent that could stand shoulder to shoulder with Vader.

Price and Age Range

According to the polybag that this figure comes in, it is for ages 6 and up. In truth, though, this is going to appeal to the older fans that played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. That first came out in 2002.

As for the price, according to LEGO, this was free with the sale of $75 or more in LEGO Star Wars products. That does not mean the price is at $75, though. Someone can buy it on its own on most websites that sell LEGO’s.

Online, they are still sold by LEGO at around $46. That may seem expensive for a minifigure, but considering who it is of, it will be worth it.


  • Well-made copy of Revan.
  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Can be bought from LEGO.
  • A very cool collectible for Revan fans.
  • Good representation of one of the coolest Star Wars characters.


  • It is a single minifigure.
  • Many people sell them as custom figures. Can make it hard to tell what is official and what is not.

Final Verdict

It may seem out of place to put a set that is a minifigure on this list, but given Revan’s popularity with fans, it is justified. The fact that LEGO is willing to make a minifigure of him when they rarely mention the EU is a testament to his popularity. I love Revan and I still think it was a mistake to nix him in the reboot. If you are a fan of him and his games, then this is a must-have and perhaps the best LEGO Star Wars minifigure.

11. 75053 The Ghost

LEGO 75053 The Ghost - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


After Disney purchased Star Wars, one of the first things that they did was clean the slate. They chose to erase the thirty-five years of content that had expanded upon the movies. Aside from the movies and Star Wars: the Clone Wars, everything from then on was official canon. To take advantage of this reboot of the franchise, and build hype for The Force Awakens, Disney created Star Wars Rebels.

Running for almost four years on Disney XD, Rebels follows the rise of the Rebellion through a ragtag team of rebels. Their main method of getting around is the VCX-100 freighter, The Ghost. Since LEGO does not like sitting out, they decided to release a new line of sets for the show, and The Ghost was among them.


Released in 2014 to coincide with the premiere of Rebels, the Ghost is a sizeable model at 929 pieces. At 5″ high, 12″ long, and 10″ wide, it matches the size of similar starship sets made by LEGO.

The Ghost has many cool features. It has two cockpits, with the front one being detachable. The gun turret on top can rotate 360-degrees, and it can be elevated. It also has a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers. Other features include detachable escape pods, cargo hatch, a cargo container, and hatches for the missiles.

For minifigures, we get four minifigures. There is Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Ghost crew and a Jedi. There is Hera Syndulla, captain of the Ghost; Zeb Orrelios, one of the crew’s main fighters, and a Stormtrooper.

There is more to this set. Like in the show, the back of the ship has room for a smaller ship, the Phantom, to dock. Unfortunately, it is sold separately.

Price and Age Range

This ship’s meant for people between the ages of 9 and 14, and was released at a price of $89.99. Given how complex the set is and how difficult it can be to build, the age range is accurate. If someone under the age of nine tried to build it, they would have either to be very skilled or need the help of an adult. That said, any Star Wars fan could try their hand at this. After all, the age range is only a recommendation.


  • Faithful recreation of The Ghost.
  • Several interactive features.
  • Comes with new minifigures based on the show Star Wars: Rebels.
  • Comes with a place to dock the Phantom shuttle..


  • Price was up there when first released. Will be more expensive now.
  • Inside of ship can be a little cramped.
  • Phantom shuttle sold separately.

Final Verdict

This set is an entertaining addition to the Star Wars franchise, and a kid who has watched the show can get a lot of entertainment out of it. If you have not seen the show, though, you might be a bit confused about where it comes from, though a quick search on the Internet can fix that. This is a good set to have, and a celebration of the new era in Star Wars.

10. 10236 Ewok Village

LEGO 10236 Ewok Village - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


I have never understood the hatred that the Ewoks get from some fans of Star Wars. I get that people find them to be too cute and cuddly to fit into Star Wars, or that they were a marketing ploy to appeal to kids. I would like to point out, though, the following:

  • They captured most of the heroes, who include a Wookie, a Jedi, and a smuggler who is a skilled marksman.
  • Lured away most of the guards at the Shield Generator bunker.
  • Helped Chewie capture an AT-ST, and then proceeded to kick the butts of the Empire’s best troops.

So, I would think twice about writing them off as “teddy bears”. So when I want to put Ewok Village on this list, remember what they can do.


Released in 2013, this 1990 piece set is gigantic. It stands over a foot tall, 21″ wide and 13″ deep, allowing for lots of legroom. Four trees make up the set in total. For extra effects, they have vines, leaves and spider webs, along with a rope walkway connecting the trees.

As for the other features, there are:

  • A secret stash in the tree-trunk for Luke’s Lightsaber.
  • A net trap.
  • A slide.
  • An elevating throne.
  • Kitchen, bedroom, and planning room.
  • Catapults and speeder rammer.

There is a lot of stuff to work with.

A set this big will need many minifigures, and the Ewok Village has 16 in total! On the Rebels side, we have R2-D2 and C-3PO, two rebel soldiers, five Ewoks, Chewie, Han, Luke, and the rare Endor Princess Leia. On the Empire, we have two Scout Troopers and two regular Stormtroopers, plus a speeder.

Don’t worry, the Stormtroopers will do as well as you would expect. The Ewoks and Rebels have plenty of weapons that range from blasters to spears and bows to the reliable Lightsaber. They will be running for the hills in no time.

Price and Age Range

According to LEGO, this set is for people the ages of 12 and over, meaning that it is going to be a bit of a challenge to build. Anyone over that age range, though, should be able to complete the set without much effort.

As for the price, it cost $249.99 at the time of its release. That was about five years ago, so the price will have increased since then by at least a hundred dollars.

Final Verdict

This set has many pieces, many minifigures, and a lot of work put into it. Once it has finished, though, a lot of fun can be had from it. Whether on its own or as part of other Endor sets, this makes for a good toy and a good addition to a Star Wars collection.

9. 75169 Duel on Naboo

LEGO 75169 Duel on Naboo - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


I think that most of us can agree that The Phantom Menace could have been a lot better. In addition, that we wish Jar-Jar would be run over by a land speeder. However, there were still two redeeming qualities to the film: pod racing and the final Lightsaber duel.

The fight between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Darth Maul (click for YouTube video) is one of the greatest moments in Star Wars history. The acrobatic movement, the choreography, the legendary Duel of the Fates. It is amazing, and the sequel movies should learn from it. Now, LEGO lets us recreate that duel with their Duel on Naboo set.


This set was released in 2017 and contains 208 pieces. At 5″ high, 7″ wide, and 4″ deep, it is a small set. Key features include the push activated laser doors, as seen in the movie. Within the core, a catapult will let people launch minifigures back up to fight. There is also some kind of purification chamber underneath the causeway, as well.

The set is nothing without its cast members, so here they are; Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul himself. Armed with their lightsabers, they are ready to throw down for the fate of Naboo. Spoilers: one of them dies, and another one loses his legs.

Price and Age Range

This set is recommended for kids between the ages of 7 and 12. It has a decent amount of pieces to give a kid some trouble, but it should not take them too long to finish. If you saw the movie when it came out, though, you will want it for yourself.

As for the price, it was released at $24.99. It has not been that long since it came out, so the price will not have risen that high yet.


  • Recreates one of the best scenes in Star Wars.
  • Enough room to recreate the epic duel.
  • Catapult to pull off Kenobi’s force-jump, minus the blood.
  • Laser doors open and close on command.
  • Decent size.


  • What is the plasma element for?
  • Can be a little cramped in some places.

Final Verdict

If you are a little kid wanting to recreate the movie magic, or want a set to help with your LEGO movie remake, then this is one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets to get. It may a little cramped in a few places, but it captures one of the best moments of the film. Remember Qui-Gon being impaled? I could not watch that scene for years without getting scared!

8. 75021 Republic Gunship

LEGO 75021 Republic Gunship - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


As Rex and the Clone Troopers like to say, it is time to send those clankers to the scrap heap! The prequels may not have been as good altogether as the original trilogy, but Star Wars: the Clone Wars was cool. I would tune in almost every week to watch the fights of the Jedi and the Clone Troopers, and one of the most iconic vehicles was the LAAT Gunship.


Released in 2013 with 1175 pieces, this is the third version of the Republic Gunship. It is 7″ high, 18″ long, and 16″ wide, so it is big. It is also bristling with firepower. It has the LAAT’s signature ball turrets with room for minifigures. On top, there are two missile launchers for people to flick missiles at the enemy. The doors on the side and rear can open up, there is a lift handle, and it comes with a swoop bike.

There are seven minifigures in total: Anakin and Obi-Wan have a new redesigned Episode II look. Padme rides with them in her Geonosis attire, along with a Clone Trooper Captain and Clone Pilot. On the ground, we have a pair of Super Battle Droids ready to fight and be scrapped.

Price and Age Range

The LEGO 75021 Republic Gunship set is meant for kids between the ages of 9 and 14, indicating a level of skill and patience needed to complete it. It is going to be a big set, and if someone is not careful, it may be shot down. Larger sets are more likely to frustrate people, so keep that in mind.

It came out about six years ago at a price of $119.99, so the price will have gone up since then. Given the size and quality involved, it will have increased several hundred dollars. Only the committed collector should try to get this. It could also be found for a cheaper price it its used, though.


  • 7 minifigures in total.
  • Flick missiles that can be launched.
  • Doors can slide open.
  • Speeder bike included.
  • Redesigned Anakin and Obi-Wan.
  • Part of a larger Geonosis set theme.


  • Price will be much higher than before.

Final Verdict

I have always wondered what it would be like to recreate those massive battles from Star Wars using LEGO. This gunship is a potential first step to doing that. It may be pricey, but this is the biggest of the gunships made by LEGO. Like many of these sets, it comes down to how much money someone wants to spend.

7. 75157 Captain Rex’s AT-TE Walker

LEGO 75157 Captain Rex's AT-TE Walker - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


One of the best things about Star Wars: The Clone Wars was giving the Clone Troopers more names and personalities. One of the best Clone Troopers that stood out was Captain Rex. With the show’s unexpected cancellation, Rex’s fate was never revealed. So imagine how happy fans were when Star Wars: Rebels revealed that Rex would be returning, along with fellow Clones Wolffe and Gregor.

Season 2 of Rebels revealed that before Order 66 was issued, the three had found the secret biochips that would have forced them to kill the Jedi. They removed the chips, and after the Jedi Purge, they left the army. They lived on a modified AT-TE until the Ghost‘s crew recruited them into the Rebellion. That AT-TE’s recreated by LEGO


Released in 2016 with 972 pieces, this set is 7″ high, 12″ long and 9″ wide. It is about the same size as previous versions of the vehicle released by LEGO.

Keeping with its state in the show, this AT-TE is in a ramshackle state. One of the back legs is a different color from the others, indicating it is scavenged. The Clones have also added platforms and ladders to the top to the walker, along with a place to put bait for animals. The cannons remain on board, though.

There are five minifigures included in this set. Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor are all present, but they do not have their helmets with them. The Rebels variant of the Stormtrooper is present, as well. For some reason, the Imperial Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother is also there, though he never was in the show.

Price and Age Range

This set was released three years ago for $119.99. Since it was not that long ago, the price will not have gone up that high. It should still be within a reasonable price if someone is willing to spend the cash.

The age range for this set is between the age of 9 and 14. That is a broad age range. Even if it was not, I do not think that fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will not want to pass this up.


  • Unique AT-TE.
  • Contains fan-favorite characters.
  • Released not that long ago.


  • Clone Troopers don’t have their helmets.
  • Fifth Brother included for no reason.

Final Verdict

This is a fun set for fans of the Rebels and The Clone Wars shows, as it ties both shows together and expands the mythos of the franchise. I was very happy to see the Clones make a return to prominence, as I missed them. If you grew up watching the shows, then I recommend this as one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets.

6. 75179 Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter

LEGO 75179 Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


For all the angst he has over being Anakin/Vader’s grandson and the tug of war between light and dark in him, Kylo Ren is dangerous. The Skywalker skill in the Force is not the only thing Kylo Ren inherited. He also got his Dad and Grandpa’s superhuman flying skills, as the Resistance learns in The Last Jedi. He tears the Resistance apart in his next generation TIE, the TIE Silencer.


Released in 2017, this set contains 630 pieces and measures 4″ high, 16″ long and 9″ wide. This TIE is next generation and is proud of it, with black being the dominant color. The cockpit can open to fit minifigures inside, the sleek wings, red details for the exhaust. The Silencer’s armed with two spring-loaded shooters: push the triggers and let it rip.

Kylo Ren’s included unique Lightsaber and all. There is also a First Order Stormtrooper and TIE pilot, and BB-9’s evil twin, BB-9E.

Price and Age Range

This set cost $79.99 when it released less than two years ago. It has not been that long, so the price will not have gone up that much.

The age range for this set is between the ages of 8 and 14. This means that this set will need a level of skill and patience to finish. A skilled builder can finish it within a few hours.


  • From the latest numbered film.
  • Only came out two years ago.
  • Looks cool.
  • Spring-loaded ammo.


  • Can only be bought through third parties.

Final Verdict

This is a sleek, next generation model of the TIE fighters, one of Star Wars icons. As we saw in The Last Jedi, it is a deadly weapon. Any fan of the sequel trilogy will want to get this thing!

5. 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

LEGO 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


If the X-Wing is the symbol of the Rebellion, then the TIE fighters are the symbols of the Empire. The Sienar Fleet Systems Twin Ion Engine fighter or TIE fighter. Fast and known for the screaming sound of their engines, the TIE’s represent how the Empire views the lives of its pilots: cheap and expendable. It had no shields, no hyper drive, and no life support.

Unfortunately, for the Resistance, the First Order realized how stupid that was, so they added all that on its successor, the TIE/sf. That was remade by LEGO into the Special Forces TIE Fighter.


Released in 2015, this 517-piece set is 9″ high, 7″ long, and 7″ wide. It keeps the iconic shape of its Imperial predecessors, with some modifications. Unlike the original, this TIE Fighter is a two-seater that can open from the top and bottom. It also has a rotating antenna, and two spring-loaded shooters.

The set comes with four minifigures: two First Order pilots, a First Order officer, and a First Order crewmember.

Price and Age Range

The First Order TIE Fighter costed around $69.99 when it first came out. This may have risen a little since then. That may seem expensive, but think about the costs of some of the other sets on this list. It is one of the cheaper ones.

As a set for ages 8 to 14, this is going to require a level of skill to finish it. Then again, I can see many adult fans of the franchise buying this set for themselves.


  • New and improved visuals.
  • Two seats for minifigures.
  • Amazing detail.


  • Few big changes made aside from the cockpit.

Final Verdict

This is an improvement over the classic TIE Fighters, both visually and technologically. The First Order learned the lessons of the Empire. This is one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets for any fan that loves TIE Fighters.

4. 10221 Super Star Destroyer

LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


We saw how big the Imperial Star Destroyers were and that freaked us out. Then we saw the Super Star Destroyer, and our jaws dropped. At 11 miles long, it made the normal Star Destroyers look like ants in comparison. The flagship of Darth Vader, the SSD Executor brought terror to all who opposed it. LEGO decided to take that and put it into LEGO form.


Released in 2011, the Executor is massive. The 3,152 pieces form to make a 50-inch long, 8-pound behemoth. Just to compare, there is a mini Star Destroyer included, and a display stand and data sheet label. The center also lifts to reveal the command center.

Five minifigures come with the ship. There is Lord Vader and Admiral Piett, along with three bounty hunters: Bossk, Dengar, and IG-88. Boba Fett already left.

Price and Age Range

This thing costed $399.99 at its release. That price is sure to have gone up by several hundred dollars since then. Given that this is a collectible, that is expected.

This is not meant for kids, and LEGO let us people know that. It is for ages 16 and up. It is a big toy for the grown-ups and grown-ups alone.


  • One of the biggest sets ever.
  • Great collector’s item.
  • Comes with display and data sheet.


  • Super expensive.
  • Too big to play with.

Final Verdict

This set looks cool and is cool, but there is only so much that can be done with it. It’s one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets for collectors, but LEGO sets are also to play with, and the sheer size of this ship makes that impossible. It is also going to be very expensive to get. The only reason I would want to get this is just so I could reenact its destruction in Jedi.

3. 75049 Snowspeeder

LEGO 75049 Snowspeeder - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


Echo Station Five-Seven, we are on our way. Another iconic symbol of the Rebel Alliance, the Snowspeeders flew into battle against the Empire. Led by Luke Skywalker, they fought a losing battle to help the Rebellion evacuate, and got their butts kicked.


Released in 2011, this 279-piece set is 1″ high, 7″ long, and 5″ wide. Big enough to play with, small enough to hold in your hand. As with the actual speeders, the cockpit opens from either side. The wing flaps even open up!

In weaponry, a rear stud blaster lets people fire studs at the enemy. There is the trademark harpoon and tow cable, and two secret spring-loaded shooters with an extra missile.

Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter, complete with Lightsaber and blaster, pilot the snowspeeder. On the ground, we have a generic snowtrooper with a tripod gun.

Price and Age Range

This set cost $29.99 when it first came out five years ago. That price will have gone up since then. It will likely not be past triple digits at this point, but it will be close.

As for the age range, it is meant for ages between 7 and 12. I would say this is about accurate, given the number of pieces and the size of the set.


  • Has a stud gun.
  • spring-loaded shooters.
  • Harpoon and tow cable.
  • opening wing flaps.
  • Luke and Dak.


  • Colors are wrong. There should be more orange in the snowspeeder, and the other bricks should be gray rather than snow white.
  • Incorrectly says it has an extra Snowtrooper.

Final Verdict

A kid could have fun playing with this by itself, but the real fun to be had is to combine it with other Hoth sets. This is just one small piece of a larger puzzle, but a really good one. Get it if you have the money.

2. 75159 The Death Star

LEGO 75159 The Death Star - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


Welcome to the big leagues, Padawan’s. This is one of the most infamous weapons ever dreamt up by imagination. How many weapons do you know that can blow up an entire planet, after all? The sequel trilogy had Starkiller Base, and the Expanded Universe had even deadlier weapons, but the Death Star remains the supreme symbol of the Empire.


A 2016 re-release of an earlier model, this 4,016-piece set is part diorama, part playhouse. Fun fact, it also cameos in an obvious product placement in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The following rooms are part of this version of the Death Star:

  • Two movable turbo laser towers.
  • Trash compactor.
  • Turbo laser with spring-loaded shooters and seats.
  • Super laser control room.
  • Detention block.
  • Emperor Palpatine’s throne room.
  • Imperial conference chamber.
  • Lord Vader’s TIE Advanced with space for Vader inside.

There are 23 minifigures included:

  • Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • Darth Vader.
  • Emperor Palpatine.
  • Imperial Navy Officer.
  • Imperial Officer.
  • 2 Stormtroopers.
  • 2 Death Star Troopers.
  • 2 Emperor’s Royal Guards.
  • 2 Death Star Gunners.
  • Death Star Droid.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Chewbacca.
  • Princess Leia.
  • C-3PO.
  • Han Solo (disguised).
  • Luke Skywalker (Tatooine).
  • Luke Skywalker (disguised).
  • Luke Skywalker (Final Duel).
  • R2-D2.
  • Imperial astromech.
  • Trash monster.

Price and Age Range

This cost $499.99 when it first came out two years ago. I looked it up, and surprisingly, it was close to the same price.

This is meant for ages 14 and up, but I do not think that will stop a younger kid from trying to work with it. The temptation is too great for any kid to ignore.


  • 24 minifigures.
  • Several rooms.
  • Tons of fun to be had.


  • The price. That is it.

Final Verdict

In my personal opinion, this is possibly the best LEGO Star Wars set for playability. It gives so much freedom for play. That and it makes for a great model.

1. 75192 Millennium Falcon

LEGO 75192 Millennium Falcon - Best LEGO Star Wars Sets


The Millennium Falcon, one of the great symbols of Star Wars. The fastest ship in the galaxy and Han Solo’s pride and joy, he loved this ship more than anything. Anything aside from Leia, that is. The heroes have used this ship to get out of trouble countless times. It even helped blow up the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. To this day, I have no idea how it was stolen from Han and Chewie.

All that aside, this is the ultimate LEGO Star Wars set, in size and scope.


This version of the Falcon is massive. With dimensions of 33″x22″x8.3″, it is the same size as a previous version from the Ultimate Collector’s subtheme. It has 2,000 extra pieces, though, bringing it to 7,541 pieces. It is not only the largest Star Wars set; it is the largest LEGO set in history.

This version has extra details that will make fans drool. The design is far more intricate, sand balances the studs and tiles to give it a smoother and accurate appearance. Even the colors are in detail. Other main details include:

  • Lowerable boarding ramp.
  • Interchangeable sensor dishes.
  • Upper and lower quad laser cannons.
  • Seven landing legs.
  • Exclusive cone piece for the cockpit.

That is only the outside. Wait until you see what is inside. It has everything:

  • Seating area.
  • The holographic chess game.
  • Engineering station with turning seat and doorway built with decoration.
  • Rear compartment with hyperdrive and console.
  • Secret floor compartment (smuggler, after all).
  • Escape pods.
  • Gunnery stations.
  • 4 minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy.
  • In addition, more!

To access it, remove the hull panels one by one to look inside.

Let us not forget the crew of the Falcon. Han Solo is pulling double duty in his Empire and Force Awakens versions. Princess Leia is coming along for the ride, along with Chewie and Threepio. From the next generation, we have Rey, Finn, BB-8, and one of those Porgs. I think some of them stayed on Falcon. There is a lot to do and to build.

Price and Age Range

It is going to cost no less than $799.99 to buy this amazing work of art. You need to be ready to commit to this.

This is for ages 16 and up. While I would argue against age ranges for LEGO sets, this is an exception. It will take an adult many, many hours to finish. Anyone younger will have to spend weeks trying to get it done. Dig deep and get ready for the long haul.


  • Biggest LEGO set ever.
  • Matches the Falcon almost to the letter.
  • Unbelievable detail.
  • Includes 9 minifigures, including a Mynock.
  • A collectible in every sense.


  • Worth a small fortune.
  • Will likely take days to build.

Final Verdict

If you only get one LEGO set from this entire list, get this one. It is easily the best LEGO Star Wars set ever created in my opinion. This is not for the faint of heart, though! You will need to prepare for hours of frustration and patience to see this creation through to its glorious end. Then you will need to treat it with respect and care. That means do not throw out the box, too! The whole thing is a collectible! Good luck, and May the Force be with you.

I hope this list has helped you in finding the best LEGO Star Wars sets for different age ranges, build levels and price ranges. Let me know if you disagree and also reply below with your top 15 sets!


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