LEGO Spongebob Sets

Over the past few decades, LEGO has become well known for adapting some of entertainments most popular franchises into LEGO sets. Star Wars has proven to be a staple, running since the 1990s and inspiring a series of video games and even TV shows. With the renaissance of super hero movies, models for Marvel and DC heroes are now popular for kids. Even Minecraft has gotten the LEGO treatment, and those two are similar in their purpose!

Aside from the ones with staying power, LEGO has also created themed sets meant to build on the success on what is popular at the time. Often based around a particular movie or new TV show that kids love, these sets may only stick around for a year or two. After that, they are then taken off the market. Among these sets includes characters from the first kids network, Nickelodeon.

At several points in time, LEGO has gotten the license to make sets on some of Nickelodeon’s cartoons. Most of these themes have not lasted long, though, often ending after more than a year or so. The most successful of the sets, though, was for Nick’s shining star under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants.

Fun fact: the Spongebob theme is notable for the exclusive mini-figures designed around the non-humanoid characters.

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