LEGO Ninjago Sets

The Ninjago theme was introduced in 2011 and now contains over 250 LEGO sets. The extremely popular theme is based on the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series, which has aired for over nine regular seasons. Interestingly, LEGO have not included every character from the TV series. Due to the popularity of the series and sets, there has been a number of books, magazines, video games released and also the spin-off LEGO Ninjago movie in September 2017. Find the top 10 best Ninjago sets here.

For each season of Ninjago, LEGO usually releases between six and fifteen boxed sets. These are released over one or two waves in the year. The most notable characters include;

  • Master Wu – Garmadon’s younger brother and founder of the Ninja team
  • Lord Garmadon – Father of Lloyd and master of destruction
  • Master Lloyd – Master of Energy
  • Cole – Master of Earth
  • Kai – Master of Fire
  • Nya – Master of Water
  • Jay – Master of Lightning
  • Zane – Master of Ice

Fun facts: Kai is the only Ninja to get an episode solely focused on in him in every season. Also, did you know that Nya’s name was originally going to be Aya!?

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