LEGO Ideas Sets

LEGO Ideas sets are those submitted by LEGO fans. It’s not just for people submitting the ideas either, regular fans can browse through a huge inventory of ideas and the projects they like, they can add their support. For a LEGO ideas set to be considered for production and make it into the LEGO board review stage, it must reach 10,000 supporters. LEGO’s review board will then make a decision as to which set will be produced.

If you interested in designing and submitting a set, we recommend downloading the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software. This is where you can tweak your idea digitally without having to purchase all of the pieces.

Fun Fact: As far as we are aware, the fan that designs and submits the set is entitled to 1% of the total net sales of the product, if it is selected to be produced by LEGO.

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