LEGO Toy Story Sets

Like a lot of toy companies, LEGO likes to make toys that will capitalize on a movie or show that’s going to be popular with kids. After the hype has died down, it is discontinued, though it can start up again in later years if needed. Aside from the obvious pick of The Lego Movie, another example is the franchise that kick-started Pixar, Toy Story.

As part of their ongoing Disney theme, LEGO released a series of sets in 2010 in preparation for the release of Toy Story 3. The sets only lasted for a year before ending their run, though it is making a comeback in 2019. Insert joke about toys based on toys at your amusement.

Fun fact: Originally Woody was not the fun pull-string cowboy doll we all know him as today… He was initially sketched as a ventriloquist dummy (see the image below).

Woody Early Ventriloquist Dummy
Source: The Independent

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