LEGO City Sets

LEGO City is one of the LEGO Group’s most popular themes. Its sets cover the regular life of LEGO minifigures in the bustling world of LEGO City.

One noteworthy thing about LEGO City is its many subthemes. This allows many different types of sets, all under one banner. One popular subtheme is the Police subtheme, with new sets every year featuring police chasing crooks. There have also been variants like the Swamp Police and 2019’s upcoming Sky Police. Another popular subtheme is the Firefighters theme, with brave firefighter minifigures working to put out the fires in LEGO City. There are also other LEGO City subthemes with shorter lifespans, like the Volcano, Mining, Arctic, or Underwater subthemes. However, one of the most popular LEGO City subthemes is the Great Vehicles line, which features a series of cheaper LEGO vehicles ranging from tractors and off-roaders to boats and racing cars.

Fun Fact: Did you know? While it has been called “LEGO City” for a long time now, that was not the only name it had. It started out as “LEGO Town” when the theme was first conceived, before being changed briefly to “World City” in 2003 and then to “City” in around 2005. This reflects the ever expanding nature of the wonderful LEGO City!

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