How LEGO is a Great Toy for Stress Relief for Students During Exam Times

How LEGO is a Great Toy for Stress Relief for Students During Exam Times

Students undergo a lot of pressure when exams are around the corner. It can be quite a challenge to focus on the task at hand in such a state of mind. This article is going to look at how students can relieve stress by playing with LEGO during exam times.

People normally consider LEGO just a toy, however, it is so much more than just a toy. It exercises your brain and gives you many benefits as a result. Rather than watching cartoons on TV and tablets most of the time, engaging in LEGO can prove to be such an excellent utilization of time and energy.

The modern lifestyle has caused people to become more absent-minded and less focused. Playing with LEGO helps improve focus. When you’re building with bricks, you concentrate all your energy on designing that structure. That increases and improves your ability to focus on your objective.

It is imperative to keep your mind free of stress if you want better focus. David Jenkins of Metro News has written about how adults use LEGO to feel more relaxed; the article mentions a forklift driver, Dan Jarvis, who says, ‘Mainly the stuff I build, I do it on my own. Because it’s my escape. I go in the loft and I can forget about all the troubles in the world and I totally relax. And that’s my stress relief really.’ The same method applies to students as well; when a student’s mind is relaxed, he / she is able to focus better on studying for their exams.

Another important benefit that building with LEGO bricks gives an individual is a sense of accomplishment. This sense itself is enough to make a student feel positive, and better equipped for exam time.

Alyssa Demeter of The Shorthorn has also published a story about a student Brad Engbrecht who uses LEGO to free his mind of stress, and make himself better able to study. When Engbrecht feels overwhelmed by his tasks, he dedicates sometime to building a LEGO coffee table which is full of colors. He works on this coffee table project by breaking it down into sections, and focusing on each section until it is finished. He applies the same technique to his studies, which makes it very easy to understand and learn what his books are trying to teach him.

Even just half an hour of playing with these blocks can do wonders for your focus and positivity. At times, playing with LEGO can be frustrating when you are unable to figure out your design, or find a piece; but that is part of the game. Moreover, it puts your creativity to the test as you try to complete your project with a different piece.

In 2018, LEGO produced a new advertisement that aims to encourage people to play with the toy to become calm. The advertisement came with a statement by the toy company that says, ‘Need an escape? Building with LEGO bricks reduces stress and improves your well-being. It’s zen, in the shape of a brick.’

Although companies do whatever it takes to attract consumers, LEGO is quite right in making such a statement. When you have too much on your mind and you are unable to focus, LEGO allows you to point all your attention on building something with your hands. Using your hands to make something, whether it’s a painting or in this case a LEGO structure, can really help you calm your nerves, feel relaxed, and improve focus. As part of this campaign, LEGO have also introduced a new set called ‘Forma’ which combines organic forms and mechanical work to help reduce stress and anxiety.

A study carried in 2011 found that creativity in individuals is on the decline since the 1990s. The study involved 300,000 children and adults, and students in elementary school showed a significant decrease in creativity.

Back in the 1990s, children and adults were more involved in physical activities. Not only did that make them creative, it also helped contribute to levels of stress being comparatively lower. Nowadays, every activity is available on a smart phone therefore rendering the traditional methods useless. In the process of making life more comfortable, humans have become extremely lazy, and this has resulted in increased stress and absent-mindedness. Engaging in activities, such as playing with LEGO sets (and the new set Forma), exercises the mind and the hands. As pointless as it might seem, it is an excellent way of releasing stress.

Going back to basics, like playing with building bricks, can also bring creativity in students. It can make their minds more active and alert. Taking a break from constant study and exam pressure, and using that break time to play with LEGO, really does relieve stress and help students immensely during exam times. By taking note of the LEGO coffee table example above, you can adjust your building time and study into sections, to help everything become more manageable and less stressful.

How LEGO is a Great Toy for Stress Relief for Students During Exam Times
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How LEGO is a Great Toy for Stress Relief for Students During Exam Times
Learn how LEGO is a great toy for stress relief for students during exam times. We'll also look at the new set Forma, which aims to reduce stress and anxiety.
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