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Every LEGO Avengers Endgame Minifigure (Updated 2019)

LEGO Marvel Angers Endgame MinifiguresHey everyone! Avengers Endgame has been officially released and it is decimating box office record after record. LEGO released five sets and one polybag based on the fourth Avengers movie, and these sets were accompanied by 21 unique LEGO minifigures. Check out my updated guide to every single LEGO Avengers Endgame minifigure released so far!

This post does NOT contain spoilers for Avengers Endgame.

Iron Man

Mark 85

Iron Man Mark 85 LEGO MinifigureIron Man is THE original Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, and is a fan favorite. He makes his latest appearance in Avengers Endgame, sporting a new Mark 85 suit. The LEGO Iron Man Mark 85 is exclusive to 76131 Avengers Compound Battle, the largest LEGO Endgame set. This minifigure has a reused helmet and head print from the LEGO Infinity War sets, but has a new torso and leg printing. The arms and legs now have more gold, which is accurate to the suit in the movie. LEGO Iron Man Mark 85 is armed with two translucent blue Power Blasts, and has two 1×1 trans light blue round bricks for leg repulsors.

White Avengers Suit

Iron Man White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureA second variant of LEGO Iron Man appears in 30452 Iron Man and DUM-E polybag. This minifigure sports one of the new white LEGO Avengers suits. These new suits appear in four of the regular LEGO Avengers Endgame sets. The head and helmet is unchanged from the Mark 85 and 50 figures, while the white suit has good detailed printing on the torso and legs. It also has a printed Avengers logo on the torso.

Mark 1

Iron Man Mark 1 LEGO MinifigureInterestingly, the Avengers Endgame wave had a throwback set, 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor. This set came with several Iron Man suits from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history. The first minifigure from that set is the Iron Man Mark 1, the original Iron Man suit created in a cave with a box of scraps. The LEGO Iron Man Mark 1 has an accurate, predominantly silver color scheme. It uses the Invincible Iron Man helmet mold in a new color with new prints to get the bucket-shaped helmet, and I think it looks fine. The torso and leg prints look pretty great too, though it’s less bulky than the suit is in the movie. The head under the helmet is a clear minifigure head, as it is meant to be an empty suit. This suit does not have any accessories.

Mark 5 “Suitcase”

Iron Man Mark 5 “Suitcase” LEGO MinifigureThe second throwback LEGO Iron Man suit in 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor is the Mark 5, which was used in Iron Man 2. This suit is noteworthy for being able to convert into a suitcase form for easy transport. Iron Man used the suit in a battle against Whiplash. This minifigure has a dark red and silver color scheme, just like in the movie. The faceplate has new silver printing and there’s a clear head underneath. There’s also segmented printing on the torso and legs, which is accurate to the in-universe suit. Unfortunately, there is no arm printing, but that would be a bit much to expect in a regular retail LEGO set.

Mark 41 “Bones”

Iron Man Mark 41 “Bones” LEGO MinifigureThe third throwback LEGO Iron Man suit is the Mark 41, nicknamed Bones. This minifigure also appeared in 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, and has a pretty different color scheme from most of the other official LEGO Iron Man minifigures. There is a black and gold color scheme, including a new black and gold helmet that has new printing for the faceplate. Once again, there is a clear head underneath the helmet to show that this suit is empty. The minifigure has very detailed printing on the torso and the legs, which is nicely layered. This figure has plain black arms and golden minifigure hands.

Mark 50 Nanotech

Iron Man Mark 50 Nanotech LEGO MinifigureThe final throwback minifigure in 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor is the Iron Man Mark 50 Nanotech suit. This suit first appeared in 2018’s Avengers Infinity War, and has appeared in LEGO form before – in sets 76107 Thanos Ultimate Battle and 76108 The Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown. This minifigure has not been changed from its previous appearances. It has a dark red and gold helmet with light blue eyes. The minifigure head underneath is double-sided, with a smirking Tony Stark on one side and a more concentrated face with a printed HUD on the opposite side. There’s accurate printing on the torso and legs, along with some bright red colored highlights used for contouring. The minifigure also comes with a spiky black hairpiece for Tony Stark when he is helmetless.

Captain America

White Avengers Suit

Captain America White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureUnfortunately, only one LEGO Captain America minifigure appeared in the Avengers Endgame sets. Disappointingly, this minifigure does not sport the new scale suit that Steve Rogers wears in Avengers Endgame. Rather, this minifigure wears yet another of the white Avengers suit – which is disappointing as it was not in the movie for too long. This Captain America minifigure has a new molded helmet, which has never appeared in official LEGO form until now. He has a double-sided printed head (smiling and determined) but unfortunately the printing on the real-life version is subpar, with an almost whitish skin tone. Captain America also gets a new printed shield, with the classic red white and blue star design printed onto a silver shield. Captain America is exclusive to 76123 Captain America: Outriders Attack.


White Avengers Suit

Thor White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureThe final member of the Marvel Trinity is none other than Thor, God of Thunder, and he appears as an official minifigure in one LEGO Avengers Endgame set. Unfortunately, the official LEGO figure only sports the exact same white Avengers suit used on eight other minifigures. Thor also reuses his double-sided head and spiky hairpiece from last year’s 76102 Thor’s Weapon Quest. His brick-built Stormbreaker axe accessory is also unchanged. This new Thor minifigure is exclusive to 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, the second largest Avengers Endgame LEGO set.

Black Widow

White Avengers Suit

Black Widow White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureThe only female member of the founding Avengers team is Black Widow, and she has one official LEGO Avengers Endgame minifigure appearance! Once again, she wears the exact same white Avengers suit, with repeated printing on the torso and the legs (LEGO didn’t even update the minifigure with female-style printing). She has a reused double-sided head originally used in last year’s 76101 The Outrider Dropship Attack, and she wields two trans light blue batons. Unfortunately, her hairpiece is just a plain dark orange ponytail piece, which is fairly disappointing as it is not accurate. Black Widow’s hair in the movie is dark red with a long braid that has a blonde end, and I think only a new LEGO piece could have done it justice. Still, this hairpiece we got is not satisfactory, and I feel there are better existing molds out there for the character. This minifigure is exclusive to 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet.


White Avengers Suit

Hawkeye White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureUp next is yet another founding member of the Avengers team, Hawkeye! This LEGO Avengers Endgame version of Hawkeye is once again exclusive to 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, and unfortunately this minifigure is still disappointing. Instead of getting the cool black and gold Ronin outfit which he sports for most of the movie, we get yet another boring white Avengers suit. Hawkeye’s double-sided head is reused from young Han Solo, and he has a plain spiky brown hairpiece. This hairpiece is okay but it’s not really accurate to Hawkeye’s mohawk in the movie. Hawkeye is armed with a black quiver and a black medieval bow piece.


Smirking, Shirtless Variant

Hulk Smirking Shirtless Variant LEGO MinifigureThe final member of the original Avengers team is none other than the Incredible Hulk! This new LEGO Hulk is exclusive to 76131 Avengers Compound Battle. It reuses the Hulk mold from 2015’s Age of Ultron sets, but with updated coloring and printing. The skin tone of olive green has not been changed, but Hulk now has dark blue pants with printed black lines for detail. Unfortunately, he does not have any printed toes which looks a bit odd to me. His head has spiky black hair and a confident smirk, which reflects a change to the character in Avengers Endgame. He also has poseable arms and hands mounted on Technic pin connections.


Regular-Sized Variant

Ant-Man Regular-Sized Variant LEGO MinifigureUp next we have LEGO Ant-Man in his Avengers Endgame outfit. This is the regular minifigure-sized version of the character, when he is neither expanded or shrunk. Once again, Ant-Man sports the same white Avengers minifigure outfit. The most noteworthy part about this figure is the new helmet – it’s a new 2019 piece molded in silver with new printing on the front, and it looks good. Underneath the helmet, Ant-Man has a double-sided head with smiling and scared expressions. LEGO minifigure Ant-Man is exclusive to set 76124 War Machine Buster.

Micro-Sized Variant

Ant-Man Micro-Sized Variant LEGO MinifigureA micro-sized, shrunk down version of Ant-Man in the white Avengers suit also appears in 76131 Avengers Compound Battle. This figure is a one-piece minifigure trophy piece, with an anti-stud connection at the bottom (to give you a sense of scale). The details are all printed onto that tiny piece, and the silver printing on the head wraps all the way around. There’s a micro version of LEGO Ant-Man in his regular black and red suit which appears in 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a micro Ant-Man in the new white Avengers suit.

Rocket Raccoon

White Avengers Suit

Rocket Raccoon White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureUp next is the only surviving member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket. This new minifigure version of Rocket is exclusive to 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, and unfortunately wears the white Avengers suit yet again. However, Rocket has short unprinted white legs instead, along with a reused dark grey bushy tail piece. His head piece is actually new, as Rocket now has gunmetal grey shoulderpads to match the Avengers suit (instead of the old brown color). Rocket is armed with a long blaster rifle, ready to avenge his fallen friends.


White Avengers Suit

Nebula White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureThough technically not a member of the Guardians, Nebula is another character from the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies who survived the Decimation. This minifigure appears in 76131 Avengers Compound Battle and is ready to face her adoptive father in battle one more time. She sports the same printed white Avengers minifigure suit again, with identical printing on the torso and legs. Her head is actually new, as it uses a lighter blue base shade with a slightly more stoic expression (the 2017 minifigure had bared teeth). Nebula is armed with a silver katana, which really isn’t the most accurate weapon.

War Machine

White Avengers Suit

War Machine White Avengers Suit LEGO MinifigureThe final LEGO Avengers Endgame minifigure wearing the new white Avengers suit is none other than War Machine himself, one of Tony Stark’s closest friends who has appeared since the original Iron Man movie. This LEGO War Machine minifigure is exclusive to 76124 War Machine Buster. He has a new helmet print, with the silver faceplate printing ending much higher up. Underneath the helmet, Rhodes gets a double-sided head print reused from the Infinity War Bricktober Pack, featuring a smile on one side and a red HUD on the other. Unfortunately, the white Avengers oufit Rhodes wears is unchanged, which is inaccurate as War Machine’s white suit in the movie is significantly bulkier than the other suits. War Machine is armed with two silver stud shooters – one is mounted on his back and fires over the shoulder, the other is simply handheld.

Captain Marvel

Red and Blue Suit

Captain Marvel Red and Blue Suit LEGO MinifigureOur next superhero minifigure is Captain Marvel, who appears in 76131 Avengers Compound Battle. This minifigure is unchanged from her solo movie outing set, 76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack, and in my opinion this is a pretty unsatisfying minifigure. Her hair is a recolor of Black Widow’s, and this hairstyle is inaccurate to both Captain Marvel’s solo movie and Avengers Endgame. Her head is a reuse of LEGO Qi’Ra’s, and it doesn’t really work either. There’s a smile on one side and a slightly apathetic look on the other, along with brown eyebrows, but it doesn’t really match Brie Larson’s likeness. The smiling face looks particularly bad when paired up with the hair. Her outfit only has torso printing – no leg printing – and there’s way too much blue. There should at least have been dual-molded red boots, which would not be too much to expect in the largest Avengers Endgame set. Furthermore, Carol Danvers had a costume change in Avengers Endgame, and it would have been nice if LEGO had acknowledged that. LEGO Captain Marvel comes with a set of trans orange Power Burst pieces which can be arranged in different configurations. These are to showcase her full binary powers.


Brick-Built Avengers Endgame Variant

DUM-E Brick-Built Avengers Endgame Variant LEGO MinifigureUp next is the loyal and heroic, yet often bullied robot known as DUM-E. This brick-built robot appears in 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor. It has rolling 1×1 plates as wheels, and is poseable in three areas of the body. There’s a robot arm holding onto a red fire extinguisher, along with an unprinted 1×1 white cone piece to represent the dunce cap that Tony Stark placed. An alternate version of LEGO DUM-E also appears in 30452 Iron Man and DUM-E polybag – the only difference is that the polybag version has extra yellow highlights and has a blowtorch instead of a fire extinguisher.


Six-Armed, Claw-less Variants

Outriders Six-Armed, Claw-less Variants LEGO MinifigureNow we move on to some of the villains of Avengers Endgame, beginning with some of the disposable minions in Thanos’ army. The first of these villains are the Outriders, multiple-armed alien beasts which first appeared in Avengers Infinity War. These minifigures have been unchanged from their LEGO Infinity War appearances in 76101, 76103, and 76104. These massable army builder minifigures have printed heads and torsos, but their legs are an unprinted black color. The Outrider also has a neck attachment piece which was new for 2018. It has four bar attachments at the back, with four small black arms clipped on (meaning a total of six arms). This is not really accurate as most of the Outriders in the movie have four arms altogether, but I think this was a reasonable way to show the multiple arm design of these creatures. The LEGO Outriders appear in three of the Avengers Endgame sets – 76124 War Machine Buster, 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, and 76131 Avengers Compound Battle.

Six-Armed Clawed Variants

Outriders Six-Armed Clawed Variants LEGO MinifigureA second variant of the LEGO Outrider appears exclusively in 76123 Captain America: Outriders Attack. This Outrider minifigure has the exact same printed head, printed torso, unprinted legs, and black neck brace piece as the previous Outrider minifigure, but the four arms mounted on the back are different. Instead of small black arms, this minifigure has larger black arms with golden claw pieces at the ends. The black arms are recolored LEGO robot arm pieces and the claws are recolored LEGO Wolverine claw pieces. This is to give the Outrider the clawed arms that the in-universe creatures have, and I think it looks fairly impressive. Personally, I still prefer the regular black armed variants.

Two-Armed Clawed Variants

Outriders Two-Armed Clawed Variants LEGO MinifigureA final variant of the LEGO Outrider appears in 76123 Captain America: Outriders Attack and 76124 War Machine Buster. This minifigure has the same printed head, printed torso, and unprinted black legs as the other two LEGO Outrider minifigures. What separates this minifigure is its accessories – instead of a neck brace, this Outrider has a gunmetal grey spiked shoulderpad piece which first appeared in the LEGO Movie 2 sets. The Outrider also has a pair of golden Wolverine claws as accessories.


Updated Avengers Endgame Design

Chitauri Updated Avengers Endgame Design LEGO MinifigureThanos seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to stop the Avengers, and in LEGO’s Avengers Endgame wave we get new minifigure versions of the Chitauri warriors! We last saw these alien footsoldiers in 2012’s The Avengers, and we did receive official minifigures of these figures in the Avengers 1 wave. These new LEGO Chitauri minifigures appear in 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, and now have a predominantly light grey color scheme. They have printed helmets and a snarling alien smile on the head, along with some alien armor printed on their torso. Unfortunately, their legs do not have any printing which is a step down from the 2012 minifigures – that is honestly pretty shameful. These LEGO Chitauri do get a new brick-built gun design, and it looks pretty good. It has a silver space gun core piece, along with some relatively new gold pieces and a trans purple cone at the end.


Armored Avengers Endgame Variant

Thanos Armored Avengers Endgame Variant LEGO MinifigureThe last minifigure we’ll be taking a look at is none other than the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Thanos famously snapped away half the universe in Avengers Infinity War and has returned in Avengers Endgame to stop the pesky Avengers from interfering with his plans. This figure is a LEGO bigfig, meaning it only has arm and hand articulation (made possible by LEGO Technic connections). The core mold of the figure is the same last year’s Thanos bigfig from 76107 Thanos Ultimate Battle and a previous comic-based Thanos bigfig from 76049 Avenjet Space Mission. Unfortunately, this means that the helmet design is still inaccurate, with a rounder design that does not match Thanos’ more jagged helmet in the film.

Thanos’ face is printed with a smirk, and he now has a dark grey body instead of last year’s dark blue design. Both the body and the arms are printed with golden armor detailing which is fairly accurate to the movies, though the armor should extend to the legs and cover more of the arms. Thanos wields a giant hammer which is brick-built, and also comes with the Infinity Gauntlet – a piece introduced last year that can replace a bigfig hand. This golden LEGO Infinity Gauntlet has slots for all six stones but the set includes only two – the green Time and purple Power stones. LEGO Avengers Endgame Thanos appears in only one set – 76131 Avengers Compound Battle.

That’s it for my look at all the official LEGO Avengers Endgame minifigures! Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below! Be sure to tell me which minifigure is your favorite.

I hope you enjoyed this spoiler free look at every LEGO Avengers Endgame minifigure! I’m VaderFan2187, and I’ll see you next time on BrickPals.com!



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