LEGO Accessories

LEGO is more than just bricks. There is a wealth of ways to show your love for the bricks and their characters. You can find costumes based on LEGO’s original characters, backpacks, storage containers in the shape of bricks, watches, books, magazines and so much more.

Whether you want a Ninjago-themed alarm clock, a tote and playmat set, a notebook to take to study, keychains or stickers, LEGO’s got them. LEGO accessories are as diverse as the bricks themselves. You will find original and licensed themes based on popular franchises, as well as classic figures to decorate your life and your house with.

Need an honest recommendation? Above you can find all of the LEGO accessories that we have independently reviewed.

Fun fact: While LEGO bricks exist in their current shape since 1958, it only launched its first board game in 2009. The Ramses Pyramid, one of the first, won 2009’s Toy Innovation Award.

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